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TAY No Review. I Refuse.

I was supposed to write a review of Shadow of the Beast, a digital only title for the PS4 that released this week. However it turns out that this game is remake. Now I know that the term remake has gone out of fashion, and I should call it a reboot, but they didn’t even change the title. That title is the real reason I refuse to play it. It might be a good game but the title is so confusing I just can’t even. I propose we call these sort of games a name make.

I’m so angry that they took this cherished franchise and updated it for a generation of viewers and they took the old art style and ditched it for MODERN graphics. WTF?


A little fanservice goes a long way, all they had to do was include the original game somewhere, over top the new game like that star wars game did with AoE II. Harold Ramis, anger.


In other news, that review will be up soon and the Angry Video Game Nerd is an idiot. The end.

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