I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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April Fools'!

Don't trust anyone! Today is a day of hilarious pranks and paranoia. Where hopes and dreams are on a rollercoaster filled with disappointment and embarrassment.

When I was younger, I absolutely loved pulling stupid pranks on/with my brothers' on April 1st. My favourite was when my one brother and I used a roll of plastic wrap to cover my youngest brother's door. Then when it was time for him to get up in the morning, he tried to walk out his door but was stopped by a seemingly invisible force. He's not a morning person, and he got really mad, which made it even funnier.

The image I used in the header is a trick I have always wanted to do, but never got around to. Maybe next year? That, and the mayo jar filled with vanilla pudding. The ol' switcheroos.


My question is: What is the best prank you've ever pulled?

If you don't want to talk about this, then feel free to talk about anything else!

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