I'm really feeling it!

Heyu all and welcome to another week of life ( ._')

Today's open forum has to be short, because my internet connection is committing seppuku before my very eyes. I think it's funny every time there is a forum that people apologize for being off topic. There really isn't a topic - just a prompt and by all means run with it, disregard it, or mutate it into something that doesn't even resemble its original form. That said, topic:

Favorite special items in games! The last time I chipped away at Twilight Princess, I found the Spinner, which allows Link to go combination zip line/surfing on a compass top thingamajig. In other words, it's great. I spent the first five minutes that I had it giggling. Twilight Princess is my third favorite snowboarding game.


Go bash your heads into the walls of TAYCLASSIC and let all its contents: games, life, pizza, and all your emotional viscera and dark secrets spill over everything. Figuratively of course.

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