Ohayo, konnichiwa, and konbanwa. I hope everyone's weeks are going ok so far. But I seem to recall some of you hating Tuesdays, so there's still plenty of time for it to stop going ok!

I'm not having the best week so today's topic is about hating and complaining about things. Fun, right? Who's a popular game character that you can't stand, or at least can't see the appeal of? For me, it's Aerith. I think she's really damn full of herself. It seems like she's supposed to be lighthearted and sweet, but she only came off as obnoxious and conceited to me. If she were a real person, we would definitely never be friends. I always told her she was the slum drunk. Aaaaagh. Don't you love bitterness?

Or ignore my endless negativity and talk about your life, your games, your breakfast, whatever!

All right, everyone, let's mosey...to TAYCLASSIC.