Welcome to Wednesday, everyone.

A weird thing happened last night. Or rather, I realized something weird. Bear with my awful levels of obsession. For some reason I became obsessed last week with saving pictures of Kaworu Nagisa for use as reaction pictures. Now there are enough to effectively communicate only using these, and they got put into a tidy little folder labeled "Kaworeactions." This is all because it was stupid and funny in my mind. Well I realized that at some point in this dumb endeavor I had become a Kaworu fangirl. It's not long before I become a diehard KawoShin person. Sorry.

The unofficial topic today is your favorite NPC! We may spend all of our time with the heroes, but in the end, it's often the complete randos that can make a game memorable, touching, and hilarious. It's not hard to see why I picked Grog. And behind his awesome misanthropy, there is indeed some touching stuff.