Hello everyone! Good morning! You're just in time, since it's the start of yet another Open Forum! I'm TheUnfathomableTruth, and I shall be your host once more!

Alrighty, so . . . A while back, not too long ago actually, I started playing Resonance Of Fate. It's a fun game, and I was really liking it . . . Until I completely botched it on my own . . . Ugh. I'll get back to it sometime. But anyways, one of the things that really stood out to me, was actually the costumes featured in the game. I mean, you're given a few options on how to spend your hard earned money: Guns, equipment, and clothes. The latter has absolutely no impact on your game at all, aside from looking cool. And it's not cheap, either. Yet, I have no problem with willingly forking over my cash for a nice coat or something like that, heh.


And well, it got me thinking. Remember those days when finishing a game in a certain manner unlocked costumes, weapons and stuff like that? Why can't we have more of that? Maybe I'm just missing out on the games that do that or something, but I can't really remember the last time I finished a recent game and got to wear something cool like a Roaring 20's gangster outfit, or a pirate or something like that. So, the topic for today is, what are some stuff you'd like to see more of as unlockables? Costumes? Weapons? In-game figures?

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