Top o' the mornin' to ya! Name's TUT, and I'm this here place's host for today, yessiree!

So, we all know that games can be violent in nature, right? They sorta allow us to tap into our primal instincts, and become the predators we naturally are. And well, I'm sure we've all had that one feeling when, in the midst of battle, everything sort of clicks into place. You experience a brief moment of enlightenment, where your intent to kill suddenly seems to flawlessly connect with every foe you set your sight on. One way or another, you seem to be "in the zone", and nothing can stop you. Now, let's be honest . . . Doesn't that moment always feel good? Say you were behind in the match. Suddenly, people notice your presence, and you have gained the upper-hand. Everyone knows you're a threat now. And whether they praise you or lash out at you for your streak, the deed's been done. You had your moment, and briefly tasted glorious victory. Yes, that's the topic for today. What are the most memorable kill/point streaks you've ever had in a game? Aren't game war stories wonderful? I have a few to share myself.

I think I'll start with a recent one, since it's relevant to the title image. A few weeks ago, during the first of our posse days, Good Mr. Boots, Dear Ms. Neryl and I were all having a round of "Just kill eachother" in Chuparosa. And, well, I've always been somewhat of a sniper myself, so I was naturally inclined to take over the rooftoops and use my beloved Springfield rifle to pop the heads of those below me wide open. That is until I was forced off the building by my two formidable opponents. Immediately after, I found myself struggling to gain back my place in the combat hierarchy within that night's match. After a few tomahawks to the face, and having entire clips emptied into my gut, I decided I may as well bullshit my latest attempt to take over the town. Thus, I pulled out my throwing knives. What a joke, right? After all, I'd never used the throwing knives in a PVP match before, and thought it pointless to try, anyway. I mean, anyone could simply take a few shots at you in the time you readied your throw, and that was that. But somehow, it wasn't. Neryl fell first, with a quick splurt of blood and a knife to the throat, as I stared in disbelief. I blinked and barely realized what had happened. Suddenly, the moment was shattered as Boots approached with a thirst for death from behind, and then, he too fell victim to my blades. I couldn't believe it. I had instantly reached the top of the list, and discovered a new favorite means to deliver death. Soon, left and right, everyone died. Within three minutes, I had almost emptied my inventory of knives, with almost all of them being lethal on the first try. It was certainly amazing. I could hear the rage coming from behind the screen.

It almost felt magical~✩

*sigh* Good times . . . Good times . . . Oh, by the way, is anyone interested in holding another posse this weekend? Raise of hands, and for the sake of knowing what to prepare, who has what DLC? I believe some of them are free, but Liars And Cheats isn't. Anyways, I hope everyone's having a great Friday, and hope you enjoy today's Open Forum!


Well, it seems I'm in an awfully friendly mood* right now, so I guess I could help you newcomers out! If you have any questions regarding TAY, don't hesitate to ask. However, I'd like to bring up this useful TAYtorial, since it might answer a few of your questions. Furthermore, if you're wondering where Old TAY went, well, why don't you give TAY Classic a try? And last but not least, if you know of any upcoming events or special dates that might be of interest to the community, be sure to mark 'em down in our TAYlendar. Enjoy your stay!