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Hey all,

This is your friendly neighborhood Crisco filling in for Morie. She came down with a serious case of the derps, and so you are stuck with me today.


As Breaking Bad starts again, I am reminded why I love that show so much. The constant tension, drama, and excellent writing suck me in like nothing else. This train of thought ended in a lengthy discussion between a friend and I about the possibility of a Breaking Bad video game. Could it be done? Would it be any good?

Ultimately, I am on the side of "probably not." I love the show to unhealthy levels, but I just do not think it would work. Then again, I was skeptical about Walking Dead, and that was one of my favorite games of the last decade. So, what would make for a good game adaption/transition? Is there a piece of media that you think would make the transition and be great? I am not talking about a cash grab here, but something that could really add something to the world of that property.

I can think of one really obvious example: Supernatural. A show about two badass demon hunters who are also brothers (cue the slash fic). They cruise around the country killing every evil thing in sight while dealing with all sorts of angst along the way (and eating lots of pie!). Really, can you ask for more? No, no you cannot.


So, that is my suggestion. Post yours in the comments, or maybe talk about Breaking Bad, or the Walking Dead game, or pie. SO MANY OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM!


Don't forget about TAYCLASSIC - it's like TAY, but with more pie!

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