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Welcome to today's Open Forum! I'm TUT, your host, as always, and I'll give whoever notices a minor change today a prize. So keep your eyes open . . .

Anyways, onto more important stuff. So, not too long ago, like literally last weekend, I decided to just cave in and get myself Dark Souls . . . And I'm loving every moment of it. Well, aside from that horrid hiccup yesterday, where I lost all my save data . . . *sigh* But anyways, one of the things I'm really enjoying about the game, is the combat. It's just . . . pretty much what I've always wanted in a fantasy game. I love strafing, jumping around, circling stuff, and stabbing and slashing. The only thing better than this, in my mind, would be actually donning armor and brandishing a blade in hand, and charging against insurmountable odds. That's the life . . . Anyways, but I came to an interesting realization after a while of fighting.


I had summoned another player to sorta help me out or whatever. Honestly, I can't say I knew what I was doing at the moment, and was really just flailing about pressing buttons, heh. But anyways, so the dude and I are just going against the undead, and suddenly, a pikeman goes up to him, and lifts up his shield. Now, those buggers had given me a bit of a hard time earlier on, when I encountered a pair of them in a single area. I had spent a good amount of time trying to circle them to no avail, and in between dodges, I had tried to sneak in a couple strikes. So, I was fairly impressed when this skilled player goes up to the pikeman, kicks his shield away, and takes him down on the spot. Crazy, huh? I'd been over-thinking the whole situation, foolishly trying to force my way to victory instead of simply adapting to the current threat. It was like, when White Fang encountered the Bulldog . . . A whole new threat, and a whole new ballgame. So then, I thought about something else . . .

"The best techniques are passed on by the survivors" -Gaiden Shinji, 947 First Era

Hehehe, that quote is from The Elder Scrolls. But really, it holds true for a lot of things. War changes, but the basic mechanics behind it never do. There's always going to be techniques, and there's always going to be those who adapt to the situation and those who don't. That's nature, and that's life. So, before Astrokid scolds me from stealing one of her ideas, let's address today's topic: Are there any scenarios/techniques/strategies that always give you a hard time? There's a twist, see?Personally, something I've always struggled with, is any type of close-quarter combat in shooters. I just . . . can't. I'm a sharpshooter, I need distance in order to fight to the best of my abilities. Ask anybody who's met me on the battlefield in RDR or whatever game I've played with them. Once they get close, I'm done for. Especially since I usually go with medium/long-distance weapons. So I'll often find myself flailing about, trying to defend myself last second if someone goes at me within my minimum safety distance . . . But it's OK. I know friends who flail about more, and it's quite amusing. They know who they are.

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