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Morie has again gifted Open Forum opening duties to your friendly neighborhood Crisco. So, without further ado: TALK....wait, what? I need a topic for these things? T.T

So, given that the current generation of consoles is coming to its end ( :( ), now seems as good a time as any to reminisce about the current generation. So, what was your favorite game from this current generation of consoles? Handheld games are allowed too. In fact, if you want to, you could give a favorite game for each console from every generation (that sounds like a lot of work...).


For me, my favorite game of this generation would probably be a toss-up between Mass Effect 2, Catherine, and Ace Attorney (yes they were on the ds which probably makes them prior to the current gen, but I am running things here and will massage the rules until they are good and massaged!). I love all three of those series to bits, especially Ace Attorney. No game series has caused me as many sleepless night as AA.

For those interested in keeping the conversation light and a bit less game related, I have another prompt. I was on my way home today from a party (well, kinda a party), and I had my ipod plugged into my car stereo. I had shuffle on, and skipped songs for minutes, but could not find that perfect jam for the ride home. I have no idea what song I was specifically looking for, but I wanted something that it was not giving me. So, what is your favorite track for getting you home?

What makes you rock out and bang on your steering wheel like you are the bestest damn air drummer in teh worldz?


Now, for those who are looking for something even less substantive (is that possible?). My friends just alerted me to the existence of the shibe doge meme. I never thought I could love something this much...


Share your favorite shibe doge .gifs in the forum.

If none of these topics please you, then feel free to discuss anything.

Also, there is pie: pie always loves you.


Don't forget about TAYCLASSIC - WOW, SO TAY, MUCH FUN, SO WOW!

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