Hello everyone, and welcome to today's Open Forum! Where I may or may not be your host this morning, depending on how busy I may be.

Heh . . . Yea. So, school, huh? Sorry guys, but IRL stuff sorta gets in the way sometimes. So, umm, sorry if I may not be the usual, spazzy host who butts into everybody's business. Sorry everyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But anyways, enough about school and work. I'd rather not second question my impulse right now, so, onto today's topic.


So, you guys heard about those flashy PS4 controllers, right? Awesome, huh? You know, it's really nice to have a bit of variety and color in our consoles and peripherals. I mean, I'm probably not one to talk, seeing how I always went with either black, white or clear . . . But still, it's nice having the options, right? Who doesn't like a bit of individuality in their gaming? I mean, we get to customize avatars and so on, so why not extend that to the most basic, and vital aspect of gaming? Sure, we have the typical black, white, grey and clear, but I'm sure most of you get the snazzy-looking red Wii, or perhaps a limited edition, themed Xbox or something, because you all are a bunch of outgoing, stylish and hip cats. At least that's the way I see you all . . . So don't disappoint me, or else~✩

Awh man, just look at those sweet-looking clear and grey buttons. So . . . sexy . . .

Anyways, point is, if you could have your own custom controller/console, how'd it be? And, to all you PC people who say "I already have my own custom rig, to my tastes", I have a couple words for you ;) Ahem- so yea. Me? Personally, I'd love me a chrome PS4 or something like that. Although, I wouldn't mind having a controller in say, AOR2 camo, or perhaps Cadpat, because why not?


Sometimes I really wonder if you people read this segment at all. But, eh, whatever. Work's work. So, umm, if you miss Old TAY, check out TAY Classic and mess around there. If you have no idea what you're doing, and somehow got one of your appendages stuck in a fan, be sure to check out this handy dandy TAYtorial . . . Oh, and possibly get yourself checked. Fans are dangerous things, you know? Also, if you know of some upcoming events or dates of significance, be sure to mark 'em down on our TAYlendar. And, you know, whenever I say "Dates of significance", I always think of this. Take it how you want. Hopefully not . . . Geez, I really need to stop writing these things last minute. Anyways, have fun!