Ohayo, everyone. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Now the word weekend actually means something to me again, and that is that it's the thing I grumble that I wish it were five days a week until it arrives. Then I wonder what to do with myself. Other than the sacred ritual of pizza night, I spent most of my weekend watching Oreimo and doing homework.

I haven't bought a new game since Animal Crossing, but as fall gets closer, those release dates that seemed very far away are not so anymore. Top on my list right now are Rune Factory 4, Pokemon X (yes, I decided on X), maybe Puppeteer, and then Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi kinda-mostly for the laughs. I have plenty of stuff to play that I already own, though. And that whole school thing. What are you guys looking forward to in the coming season, game-wise or life-wise? My birthday is soon, but eh...aging.


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