I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum *UPDATE: GBD Ruins Everything...*

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Hello everyone and welcome to today's Open Forum!

Welp, it's that time of the year again, huh? That part where school/work suddenly kicks in, and you find yourself flailing about trying to do everything at once. Yupp, that sorta describes me today, and for a good portion of the weekend . . . And yea, that's not my real desk. Mine has a fan, a bowl of cashews, and other stuff just sorta slammed on top. It's funny because this is actually a drawing desk, but I hardly ever do that anymore. It's sorta small, but nice and gets the job done. Anyways, today's topic . . . Umm . . . So, I've bet you guys have noticed that I've been doing a crap job at hosting these things recently, right? Yea . . . Sorry about that. It's just really difficult now that I have class in the way, and can't really go around talking to everyone, as much as I'd love to. Hence maybe not replying to a few of you or seeming aloof lately . . . SO, I figured I may as well use this opportunity to talk to you guys about the wonderful world of volunteering. Yes, volunteering. I was wondering if anybody would be up to taking over the Open Forums for me from now on, until I have like, break or whatever. Heh, the requisites are:

  • Having enough free time in the morning half of the TAY day to host.
  • Being creative enough to mix things up daily and make it a fun place to hang out at.
  • Being able to meet the deadline and manage your inbox effectively (It can get hairy, trust me)
  • And finally, NOT being a Graveyard Shift host.

So, who here has the right stuff, and is willing to serve our glorious state of TAY? Oh, and, Kluge, if you're reading this, I'd like to still be a host for these forums, but the late night Graveyard Shift is really the one I could host the best . . . So, is it ok if I swap out with someone? And if so, is that certain someone willing to switch out? Please? We're friends, right? :P


Hello! This is sorta that part of every Open Forum where I give out links to things you might want to read into if you're new here. So, if you have absolutely no idea of what's going on, please read this TAYtorial, and I'm sure some of your questions will be answered. If you'd like to start out posting, be sure to check out TAY Classic. And finally, if you know of any important events or dates of significance, be sure to mark them down on our TAYlendar.


UPDATE: Hey there. I, GBD, tried to bump the morning open forum up to the top of the main TAY page (just to see if it was possible). It worked! But it also made all the old comments disappear from this morning... I'm truly sorry! That was not my intention. Next I'll try it with a test post and not one that was already up and running. that was dumb of me. Once again, sorry (especially to TuT). Have a great day!

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