Heyu everyone. Many of you hate Tuesdays, I know, but at least we got a long weekend. I spent mine being very sick and coughing blood delicately into a lace handkerchief and playing a lot of Twilight Princess. The Temple of Time gave me serious feelings upon walking in, and that mini-boss fight with the Darknut is one of my favorite things in the game so far. The Dominion Rod, however, is the frilliest lacrosse stick ever. I also finished Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari. I'm not sure if I like the series, even after 26 episodes, but it's so beautiful and something keeps pulling me back in.

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I found this adorable series of Eeevee and its evolutions as 3Ds themes, and it was too good not to share. Umbreon and Glaceon might be my favorites, even if they aren't my favorite of the evolutions. I would actually use those skins if I didn't have an awesome Zelda case already. There is a ton of amazing game fanart out there, so why don't you share some of your best finds? Of course, I think by now Stormborn's Pokemon series is on everyone's list.

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