Good Morning! Or night...or afternoon...or whatever time it is where you are. I'm Damson and this is my first time hosting the Open Forum. I'm a little excited. I also have been holding on to that picture for months now, just in case I needed it. And I did! It probably originated from here, didn't it?

So...umm...topic. Since I'm always in a cosplay frame of mind, I've been thinking a lot about "my dream cosplay." The people I most want to dress up as.

These are my two: Lulu from Final Fantasy X and Harley Quinn. I've loved both characters for a long time and I think it would be fun to embody them for a day. Also, I would love walking around a con with a moogle or giant hammer. So how about you TAY? What would your dream cosplay be?

Or if you never thought about it, tell me about the games your playing. Or life. Or anything!


And while your hanging around, check out TAYClassic. Don't know why you're here and what you're doing? There's a TAYTorial for that. Also, if you know of anything awesome going on, add it to the TAYlendar.