Good [enter your time of day here]! Hope you have enjoyed the week. It's finally Friday!

Um...Damson, I can hear you saying, why is there a picture of Lego Batman up there? Well, I'm glad you asked fellow TAYer. I've been playing through the game again in my free time, because it's easy and stress free. Two things I've been enjoying this week.

But Lego Batman got me thinking about superpowers/heroes.

Me? I always wanted to be Nightcrawler and teleport.

Why Nightcrawler? Just look at him up there. He's a blue, aerobatic, teleporting badass. Actually, I always wanted to be him, because I wanted to disappear from awkward situations. But either way, it would be cool to teleport.


So what was or is that superpower/hero you always wish you had/were?

Or if you never thought about it, tell me about the games your playing. Or life. Or anything!

And while you're tuned into this Bat Channel at this Bat Time, check out TAYClassic.


Holy tornado Batman! What if I don't know what I'm doing here? Check out the TAYTorial Robin!

And if you are going to be demonstrating your superpowers or know of others doing super things, add it to the TAYlendar.


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