Ohayo. Cough cough. I thought I was done being sick, but this morning I'm pretty much the creepy little kid on the phone in Suicide Club. If you haven't seen that...do it...and then don't blame me for anything. Yesterday I had an overwhelming craving for ramen. My town is pretty lame, but we have a ramen shop, so I drove down there last night and got their spicy variety and bonito onigiri. Ramen really is the ultimate comfort food. But as we are a community of diverse people, I'm sure you guys can contest me on that.

On an unrelated but video game related note, I want to talk about random encounters. A decent portion of my gaming friends hate them and think they are antiquated. I really don't mind them and in fact enjoy grinding. Two of my favorite games are notoriously grindy. I'm wondering if it's just because all my formative years were spent on games with random encounters, and anything else just seems like a divergence from normal. So even if it's an inconvenience, I'm used to the inconvenience to the point where not having it is kind of jarring. So what do you guys think? Is it a broken mechanic that needs to be phased out? Does it work for some games and not others? Are you just an old like me?

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