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Anyway, on to the topic, or topics as it were. A few of you mentioned wanting mulitple topics in the STAYte of the CommuniTAY post the other night. Since it's almost the weekend (and I had something like that planned anyway), I thought we would just experiment and see how it works. This does not mean that the other authors have to run things this way too. I just have a lot of free time on my hands.

A few days ago in the middle of a My Little Pony gif-versation (D's word) between Dyram and I, Zarnyx threw this out:


This made me think of my favorite geek related artist: Megan Lara. She has amazing pieces from so many shows, and movies...really, she's amazing. I have 3 of her shirts, including this Labyrinth one.

She also happens to be a great cosplayer.

I swear that's not Billie Piper.

Look her up on Red Bubble if you want to see the rest of her amazing works. She will also have shirts next week on The Yeetee and Teefury at discounted prices. (Sorry I didn't link these sites, but they were crashing my very, very old laptop.)


So do you have any favorite geek-related artist? Or special shirts? Or prints?

Not something you want to talk about?

How about this randomness I came across the other day?

Tom Hiddleston And Cookie Monster O_o

Sounds like something TAY would dream up. I'm guessing this will be a part of a future Sesame Street, but let's face it...Sesame Street isn't what it used to be.


Let's talk about that! No? OK...


I'm a little excited for this one. *SPOILERS* Yes, I know Jimmy won't be in it, but he was my eye candy, and that is my memorial. *END SPOILERS*


Anyone else as excited as I am?

Oh, and there is that gif from Skins up there...anyone watch that too? Anyone? Honestly, I only watched the first two seasons, because I didn't want to start over with new kids. I'm weird like that. Although, I heard some of the originals did come back in later episodes, so I might have to watch again.


Feel free to talk about any of these things or anything else on your mind.

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