Hello everyone, and sorry for getting this up late. I'm not doing too well these days and had some serious brain fog this morning. Hopefully you all are faring better on this September morning. Hopefully your weather isn't so awful like mine is, too. I've lived in South Carolina for 13 or 14 years now, and the heat and lack of seasons (among so many other things) still bugs me. That said, I don't get super excited about autumn like many people do around this time of year. In theory it's nice, but in practice it's not the best time of year for me. Winter and early spring are the best. I also watched the fist seven episodes of Mirai Nikki, am chugging through the newest Monogatari series, and Dyram and I are almost done with Oreimo 2.

As I mentioned in the weekend forum, I just beat Twilight Princess. The whole process took me just over a year. Sometime in late summer 2012, I stopped playing, and when my gaming mojo came back, I moved onto other things. I picked back up right before Lakebed Temple and got back into it easily. The next game in my queue is Persona 4 - something else I've left unfinished for the better part of a year now. The issue there is that I tried to play it after my third favorite game of all time and it made me overly critical.

What are some games you've taken longer than you wanted to finish? Is it easy to jump back in, or do you start over? What's your favorite season? Talk about those things, or talk about whatever the hell you want.