I'm really feeling it!

Ohayo, konnichiwa, and konbanwa everyone. I picked back up in Persona 4 yesterday. It's good to be back, and then I remembered I'm slightly under-leveled for the area. Um. I also finally registered for student disability services so maybe in a month or so my professors will go, "ah, that's why she's like...that..." Also, my mom is one of those people on the autumn crack, and now our whole house smells like gingerbread because of the weird Glade plug-ins. I hope you guys' Mondays went alright.

So, what do you name your characters in games where you're forced to do that? Sadly, the SMT IV screenshot above is not mine, but it was an inspired idea. My Samurai is named Kaworu. In Persona 4, I'm Jin Oshiro. I always go with Japanese names for those games, because otherwise I think it sounds weird. My Persona 3 character had a rather deliberate name: Sen Mimura. Although I write my name in Katakana like モリー, "mori" is also a word that means forest and looks like 森. In Chinese, the word for forest (that uses the same character) is "sen." Mimura is after the badass basketball star/hacker in Battle Royale.


Ok, have it at it. Remember, there is no topic! Just a prompt, which can be completely ignored if you so desire.

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