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That's in quote text because it's the new official intro, but clearly not my writing style. It's way too friendly to be me. My weekend highlights made me laugh and/or think: the always funny 1337 Tweet, GBD's kids react to the Call of Duty doge...I mean dog, and the Pondlings discuss the importance of graphics in games.

In today's open forum blathering: Morie talks about Persona even more! I was pretty much glued in front of my TV all weekend facing my true self and all that. Inaba is really beautiful, isn't it? I'm accidentally dating both Yukiko and Rise, but it took a bit to stop feeling guilty for that. I had a serious nostalgia punch a few times, too. I might have to do a 3 replay soon... Tl;dr I just adore the universe in these games, and love spending my time there. What does that for you? Feel free to answer that question, the meaning of life, or none of the above. I'll leave you with the dungeon music that's stuck in my head:

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