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Crisco here. I will be your new Tuesday morning gatekeeper until you all revolt and remove me from power. So, I hereby christen this open forum...OPEN! Sometimes I try to have a running theme for these open forums. Today, you are not so lucky... So, here are a few random conversation starters. As always, this is an open forum and y'all are free to discuss anything you want.

1) While I could try and ignore it, it only seems right to acknowledge that today is the launch of this really neat indie game that no one seems to know about. It is called Grand Theft Auto V. I am sure you have never heard of it *puts on hipster glasses*

Are your hype levels as high as mine? If so, then take to the comments and shout it from the rooftops. Or, if you already started playing, then why not give some impressions (no spoilers obviously...)? My original plan was to wait until 8pm today to get it, but I could not resist. I went to the midnight launch. Sleep is for noobz (I wonder if my internship will agree with this sentiment...*gulp*).


2) I am going to get my hands on an Xbox One this Thursday. If you have any questions you want me to ask dem MS doods, then fire away and I will ask (I may not get an answer, but I will ask). Also, feel free to talk about the next generation in general. Are you excited, indifferent, angry?

3) Minestrone soup is the best soup. Corn chowder is a runner up. You can argue this if you want, but you will fail. #TEAMMINESTRONE