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On to the topic! I was looking for something to play the other day, and while perusing my piles* of games, I noticed an empty spot between my tall bookshelves. What was there before?, I wondered. And about 5 minutes later I remembered it was my Wii Balance Board. About an hour later I remembered I had given it to my mother about a year ago. Then I shrugged and forgot about it.

Today I'm thinking that was a little weird. To just dismiss a peripheral and game that I spent money on like it was nothing. Although I'm thinking that's weird, I still don't miss it. And that's also how The Last of Us entered my house. A friend let us barrow it and then didn't want it back.


So have you ever loaned something and never wanted it back? Or got something because someone else never wanted it back?

If you don't want to talk about this, feel free to talk about anything!

*Piles may be an overstatement. Please don't hold me to that.

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