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To the topic!

I found out the other day that there is now a Beemo game/app that apparently is very much like her in the show. I have no basis of comparison since I don't watch Adventure Time, but it got me to thinking about other games I've found on the Play Store. (Shameless plug!) I love finding the hidden gems along with all the other "big" games, like Angry Birds and Candy Crush.


This is my favorite go-to app right now.

Puzzle and Dragons

Kotaku reviewed this at some point, but I can't seem to find it. Anyway, it's a match 3 game with some leveling aspects, but has this twist of needing to match elements (or hearts for health) to use to your advantage. It's very addicting, especially since I'm a sucker for a good RPG on my phone. (INOTIA 3!)


So what is your favorite game/app currently?

If you don't want to talk about this, feel free to talk about anything!

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