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Good morning everyone from Dyram and Morie. Well, mostly Dyram. Morie doesn't believe in "good" or "happy" things. So...good morning from Dyram! Also, Morie is here. Actually it's more that Dyram is here since "here" is my house.

Anyway, we're taking turns typing this, so we can play a little game of "guess-who-is-writing-what-on-this-post". Or not. Whatever.

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When we weren't eating ramen or doing...other things...over the weekend, we were following the adventures of Kenpachi Ramasama, our new Persona 3: FES MC. Now, only half of this team is a big Persona fan, and the other half would probably never play it on their own. Too slow, too much grinding, etc. It's different together, though - having someone else beside you to weigh in on dialogue choices, rage at things in Tartarus, or just make fun of what people are saying in general during other serious dialogue (especially when your character is Kenpachi Ramasama-chan). The non-Persona loving half of the couple tried to do this with Sonic and had a brain short circuit. Flashing lights and stuff, man.

Do you guys have any games that you wouldn't normally pick up or enjoy alone that you play with others? Or perhaps you have a game or two you really love sharing with others. Talk about this, or anything but this, below!

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