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Hey All,

Crisco here. Today marks the start of October, which means one thing: horror films (it may also mean candy and/or parties, but go with me here...). Every year, I buy a handful of horror films to watch with my brother as a yearly challenge. This year, I went a bit overboard and procured 20 films. That is a horrorfying amount (I know, that was a horrorble joke and I am a horrorble person...I will let myself out). Thus far, we have already gotten a head start by watching Evil Dead 1, 2, the remake, and Army of Darkness.

I was actually really impressed by the original Evil Dead trilogy and its strange metamorphosis from straight up gore horror to pure comedy (Army of Darkness is basically Monty Python with zombies and some scary masks). I probably would put all of the original films in my favorite horror films list (even Army of Darkness because reasons), and maybe even my favorite films in general.


So, given it is October, what are people's favorite horror films? Or, perhaps equally interesting, what was the first horror film you ever watched? For me, it was Cube, which is not even all that scary of a flick. Back when it first came out I was just a wee Crisco though, and it terrified me.


Maybe you do not dig horror movie things though. That is fine. September/October is also the fall premieres on TV. Any new series you are looking forward to/impressed by? Anything returning you cannot wait to see (Supernatural FTW!!)?

Maybe you are a hermit though. You do not watch TV, you do not watch horror films. You just game all the day long. That's cool, bro. If you are that way, then it is a great time for it since the game releases in the coming months are awesome looking. What have you plunked your pre-order cash on, you gaming hermit? For me, I am already committed to a PS4 and an Xbox One, so my game cash is running low. The flesh is willing, but the wallet is weak!


Or, ya know, you can talk about anything. The above topics are just suggestions. You could talk about any topic you wish. You could talk about everything from your week to favorite/least favorite cookie type(#ChocoCookieFTW #OccupyOatmeal).


Without further ado: TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES.

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