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Hey all, insert warm introductory paragraph here I hope everyone's week is starting off well. For me, this week can only be an improvement over the last few.

Last week, my toilet died. As a result, I had to spend many hours attempting to fix it, failing, touching unknown substances that will likely haunt my nightmares forever more, and finally buying a new toilet and installing it. Then, less than 3 days later, my fridge died. I took it apart, cleaned certain pieces, rigged it to work in the short term while I procure a successor, etc.

I bring these things up not to say it has been a bad week or month (though it has been a bad month FO SHO), but because there was a certain amount of satisfaction that came from fixing/installing my stuff. It made me feel like a bad ass even if it was mostly messing around with stuff and consulting google occasionally.


So, what are some things or even a single event in which you felt like a bad ass? Was it that time you kicked an appliance, thus magically fixing it? Was it that time you took apart your PS2 and cleaned that gunked up disc reader? Was it that time you saved your ex-wife from a German financial terrorist and then saved the day by causing him to fall from the roof onto the Nakatomi Plaza below? No event to big or small to discuss!

In gaming related stuff, I have a confession: I am eagerly awaiting the release of WWE 2K14 later this month. Those who know me know that I am not a big fan of wrestling, but I watch it fairly religiously because my brother is a fanatic and some of my best friends get together to watch the pay-per-views. So, when people ask me if I enjoy it, I cross my arms and hrrpmh and acknowledge that I watch it as a civic service. Here is the thing: while it is mostly true that I do not love wrestling, deep within my psyche there is a 12 year old boy who sometimes finds enjoyment from it. And the upcoming release of the game has that little boy screaming in anticipation. cough GUYZ, THERE IS AN UNDERTAKER MODE!! cough


So, what are some guilty pleasures of yours? It could be a game or movie or tv show. Something you know you should probably (and maybe at some level do) dislike, and yet you love.

If neither of those topics work, then name your favorite historical figure. Mine is Spartacus because I needed an excuse to use Spartacus gifs.