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Hey y'all! Crisco here. I read yesterday's Open Forum topic, which was essentially asking what people's game of the year was thus far. While I like that topic, being a curmudgeonly bastard, I can think of a topic that is even more fun: What was your disappointment of the year? It might be a game you thought was horrible, or, maybe a game that could not quite live up to your expectations. Heck, maybe it was not a game at all! Was there a movie or album you were hyped for but then left unfulfilled?

For me, I try not to get super hyped up for anything. So, it is pretty rare I end up extremely disappointed. The only one I can think of is Man of Steel (I hated that movie, and am unashamed of that opinion). It has actually been a remarkable year for gaming. I cannot recall any major disappointments. Maybe you can (consider that a challenge)!!

But maybe you do not like negativity (BAH!). In that case, the year is almost up. With the end of the current year, comes a new one. What are you excited for in 2014? Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and the potential prospect of there possibly maybe kinda sorta being the chance of a new Tool album have caused me to desperately want a time machine. 2014 GET HERE NAO!!


If all else fails, you can always discuss condiments. BBQ sauce? Ketchup? Mustard? Relish? THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE HIGHLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, feel free to discuss anything below. No topic is verboten. I hereby christen this open forum open!


Spoiler alert: BBQ wins