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I know what you're thinking...not Borderlands again Dam! I swear this is going somewhere else.


So last night I was in the middle of the Loot Hunt in Borderlands 2 when one of my favorite pieces of music started playing.

The 2 minute mark is what I really mean. That change in the music is my true favorite part.


Anyway, I just stopped and listened for a minute before continuing the destruction of the pirates surrounding me. But I realized in games we're always so into the killing and mayhem that we sometimes forget the little things, like the music or the sprawling vistas. There was actually a post pointing out something like this in GTAV on Kotaku this morning.

So what are your favorite little things in games? A tune that you love? Or a place you always stop to look and be in awe of the surroundings?


My honorable mention:

The view of Zanarkand in FFX.

If you don't want to talk about this, feel free to talk about anything!