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Hey all, Crisco here. Despite being a scant 10 days away from launch, I shall not use this forum to engage in rampant fanboyism...I swear...really.

WHO ELSE IS EXCITED? LET US ENGAGE IN FANBOYISM TOGETHER! Unless you are waiting on the next gen (why must you do this and make Crisco cry? ;.; ). That is okay since I have a backup topic.

I often notice that gaming and anime fandoms are closely entwined. Most gamers seem to at the very least know more about anime than the average person, and many gamers would classify themselves as anime fans as well. So, what is your favorite anime and why? It does not need to be the best anime, just your favorite.


For me, that favorite anime would have to be Elfen Lied. While some of this stems from the fact that Elfen Lied is actually a pretty good series, it was also one of my first brushes with non-shonen anime. As a 12 year old, I remember watching the first episode and just having a look of pure horror and fascination on my face. It would be another 2 years before I ended up watching the series. It was then that the combination of soapy dramatics, uber-violence, and excellent pacing won me over. I know it is flawed. Heck, I can point out a bunch of flaws I noticed in a recent viewing. But that does not make me love it less or not tear up at certain story beats every time.


And if you hate anime and have no plans on jumping on the next gen, then you could tell me your favorite Thanksgiving related food item.* Of course, you can talk about anything you want and these topics are only suggestions. So, have at it!


*The answer is obvious:

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