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Hey all you TAYtastic peoplez. Crisco here. Despite playing my new PS4 for nearly every free minute of the weekend, I have somehow avoided blindness, brain damage, total sleep deprivation, and/or complete and total social isolation. Thus, I NEED TO TRY HARDER THIS WEEK DAMNIT.

For this week's topic, I have a simple question: what is the meaning of life?


I keed, I keed. My real query is this: If you were a game designer, what game would you make? Be as involved as you want in responding providing as much or little detail as wanted. Just remember, you are the boss, you have the keys, and you have unlimited resources at your disposal to make the game of your dreams. I am a lazy and uncreative type dood, so I have nothing really to pitch. I have a lot of faith in you TAY folk though, so fire away!

If you would prefer something less involved, then I offer you to play the old game of rose, bud thorn. This week/month, what was your rose (good thing that happened), bud (something you are looking forward to in the future), and thorn (bad thing that happened).


And if none of those interest you, then be free to interject with a menagerie of pontification on any tangent or affair thine is inclined to propose!