I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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With last night's launch of the XBox One, we are now officially in a new generation of gaming...or something like that. Personally, I try to see the games and not the systems. But that's not the point! The point today is to remember those consoles we're leaving behind.


My first real memory of my PS3 was playing a PS2 game: Okami. I love that my PS3 has backwards compatibility. It has made it so easy to play some of my favorite things, like Okami and FFX and the earlier Ratchet and Clank games. (I should've done a Last-Gen Heroes piece on this.)

So what is your favorite memory (memories) from the last generation of consoles?

Or, if you got the new XBox, tell us about it!

If you don't want to talk about these things, feel free to talk about anything!

And Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have good weekends!

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