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I suspect the lot of you are probably gone and it will be quiet around here (Astro, apologies if you got Kinja'd and I threw this up). For those of you that are about still, here's a little Thanksgiving story I thought I'd share with you.

My friend, MC, claims that he is no lover of pork. One year as we were all gathered round a Thanksgiving Feast, we discovered a little story about him involving a little something called pepperoni. One day, he took his students out to get pizza and ordered a pepperoni slice. When his students surprisingly took note of his eating pork, MC being all confused said, "but it's not pork. It's pepperoni."

It was at this point his students started laughing. "But sir! Pepperoni is pork!" Even more laughter ensued as MC went away shame faced.

He later told this story to another of our friends, and when our other friend asked MC what he thought pepperoni was, MC replied that he thought it came from "some sort of pepperoni animal".


In an attempt to recreate such a majestic creature, I came up with the above drawing.

So guys, tomorrow while we're off playing Cards Against Humanity and enjoying even more ridiculous laughs, I trust everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving too. Safe travels, have fun and for those not celebrating, we'll be thinking of you guys as well.


Any fun Thanksgiving stories of your own to share? Any games (video games or otherwise) you'll be playing with friends/family/solo tomorrow? Please feel free to leave them in the comments, or not. It's the Open Forum, after all. Talk about whatever you wish.

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