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Welcome to another stupendous edition of the Open Forum. I will keep this one short since I am a very sleepy Crisco today.


So, for today's topic, I suggest a round of 10 questions (adapted from 20 questions because I am too lazy to do 20 questions...)! You can answer all 10 or just pick a couple. All up to you!

Question 1) What did you buy on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday?

Question 2) Name one location anywhere in the world you want to travel.

Question 3) How do you kill a field mouse that snuck into your house to escape the cold and then ended up keeping you up all night skittering around on your floor? (Hypothetically...of course...not like I would know anything about this...)


Question 4) Are pandas the cutest animal in the world?

spoiler for question 4


Question 5) If you answered no to question 4, then what is wrong with you?! If you answered yes, then post your favorite panda pic/gif!

Question 6) Chicken or Turkey?

Question 7) Baseball or Football?

Question 8) Sleep or games (pssh...easy one)?

Question 9) Is Crisco the most handsome man on TAY?

Question 10) RE: your answer to Q.9 - T.T*

And if none of these topics interest you, then you are free to discuss anything. THIS FORUM BE OPEN!