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So I really had no idea for the Forum this morning, and since my daughter had her first Christmas concert last night, I was going to talk about that, and the fact that I didn't get to have my senior chorus concert because my boyfriend (at the time) gave me the most horrible flu ever. As I was looking up a Christmas concert pic to make my beautiful header image, I stumbled upon that lovely Boondocks pic up there. I love the Boondocks. Sure, ever other word is the "n" word, but it's funny as hell. None more so than the Christmas episode. It was actually the first episode my husband watched (at work) and rushed home to buy the first season and make me watch it. We have the whole series so far...still waiting to see if anymore episodes show up. It's funny because my college paper used to run the comic version, and the author grew up near where I live now. Now go watch that episode and tell me you don't laugh. I dare you! :P

Also, I have had no sleep for the past week. It's starting to have a bad effect on me. Like the fact that this is just one, long ramble. I'll try to do better tomorrow and have a proper topic.

I also hope this shows up.

If something in my ramble sparked a thought, write it down in a comment and hopefully you make more sense than me. Or you can start rambling about anything you want!


And can I get a "Ho, ho, ho!" (You will only get this if you watched the episode.) :D

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