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Hey all, Crisco here. Welcome to a very special edition of the Open Forum. This is going to be my final Open Forum post. I started a new full-time job in addition to my master's education and my internship. Right now, I am putting in about 60 hours a week in addition to class/assignments. So, the demands are just too much for me right now to devote much free time to anything. I tried the last few weeks to make it work, but alas, it was not to be. I want everyone to know that it has been an awesome experience doing the OF and that I am going to miss it. I <3 you all.

Taking over for me will be my lover good friend Twizm. He is awesome and super sexy. So, I leave you in good firm hands.


As for me, I am not planning to wander away like some kind of....uhh....wanderer. I have already spoken to Twiz about potentially hosting the OF at some point again in the future when my schedule calms down or maybe guest hosting once in awhile. Also, I have not abandoned my Next Gen console war review. It is just taking longer now that I have very little time to write it in the evening. Expect the final part of that to be going live Monday of next week.


What is the one franchise (book, game, movie, etc) that you wish never ended? It can be something that has already ended, or something that you know will inevitably will end and will then cause you bitter tears of bitterness. For me, there are lots of things that could go in this category. Yu Yu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin are two anime that could have gone to infinity without any complaints from me. In the tv sphere, Angel was taken out to the barn to be shot just as it hit an epic stride. And, in terms of gaming, I am still sad that the super soapy yet criminally awesome Trauma Center series does not get more games. ;.;

Maybe you are having a good day though and all this srz bznz is depressing you. Cool. In that case, tell me what holiday shopping you have been doing lately. Anyone get something awesome? Anyone get an awesome soundbar and a bluray of Pacific Rim that Crisco is still waiting to watch with you while cuddling on your couch?


Of course, as always, you can talk about anything you want and the above topics are just suggestions. And with that, I (for the final time), declare this forum open!

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