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Boxing Day came and went and the epic fight between UI and Astro never materialized... I'm not sad or anything. I'm pretty sure UI would have lost and I like having him around, so I'm a bit happy Astro decided to show mercy and not destroy him.

Although, it has come to my attention that trouble is brewing. Perhaps, TAY, you would like to tell us about the Secret Society you've now joined in the fight between Good and Evil on the TAY. Yeah, I may not have been around at for the past few days, but I've been keeping an eye on the lot of you. ESPECIALLY YOU, AIKAGE and CHERO! After all the penguin slap gifs I gave you, Chero, you still insist I would be a TAY HERO?!

Edit: Actually, scrap that. Astro, where you at? Come bust up, UI. He's the one responsible for making people think I am a fluffy bunny.


In the meanwhile, feel free to talk about any of these things or whatever you want. It's the Open Forum after all, so Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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