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The new TV seasons are starting and I'm super excited! There are very few shows I watch and don't let record for a later time. Justified is one of those. It's one of my favorite shows ever. Mostly because of the dynamic between those two men up there, Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins (Rayland and Boyd). Even when they aren't in the same scene, which is becoming more common, they are brilliant. I can't recommend this show enough.

Then there is my other favorite FX show, Archer!

So much awesome in one picture!

Monday night you will find me huddled in front of my TV watching one of the funniest shows ever. And we must talk about it on Tuesday! You should watch it if you don't already. (Sorry...that was bossy...but you should watch.)

And what would a Forum about shows be without the one I'm looking most forward to...

Winter is coming...In April. Is it April?

So what shows are you looking forward to this season?

If you don't want to talk about this, feel free to talk about anything!

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