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Welp, it's Tuesday and here I am once again giving you a mouthful of an open forum.

Today we're talking oral. Hygiene, that is. It's really important and I consider myself a fairly clean person. I suppose I should give a little back-story. Yesterday whilst shopping at my friendly neighborhood spiderman Target store I decided I should get a new toothbrush cause the one I had currently was wearing down.

So I get to the dental section and I just stare at the wall of toothbrushes for like 5 minutes. Sometimes I can be so indecisive but mainly do to the fact that there's quite a variety. Do I get the plain one? The one with a thousand bristles? What about the battery powered one? I'm sure to get a good vibe from it. Ultimately I settled on a regular one claiming to remove tons o bacteria.

What kinds of oral instruments do you guys use? Or mouthwash? Too personal? Let me know!

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