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Good morning everyone. I hope everyone (well, the Americans among us) is having a good holiday. Monday is my longest day of classes, so I know I'm glad to have the day off. After going out for chicken and waffles yesterday, I needed to do some shopping. I stopped at Gamestop and ended up picking up Rune Factory 4. I've been mildly interested in it, but just never got around to buying it. The past few years, I've tended to buy games in time with the hype train so I can get good pre-order bonuses, partake in the discussions that usually surround new games, etc. But with Pokemon coming out, and still having Animal Crossing and SMT IV to play, I just forgot about Rune Factory.

I know Rune Factory's not a super big deal, but are there any games you got way after it's "moment" had passed in the gaming world? You were still probably better than me getting a PS3 in 2012.

Talk about this or anything and everything else!

ETA: If I don't respond to you it's because I'm still experiencing the kinja bug where I can't see comments.