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¡Hola! ¡Bienvenido a Tuesday with Twizm™ edición internacional! I begin with a Spanish introduction because my parents are headed to Mexico as I type this. Fun fact! I'm still sleeping when you respond to my incessant rambling! Hope that makes you feel extra creepypasta (•_•)

Anyway I'll be watching my parents house that I totally do not live in already for the next two weeks so if any of you wanna throw a party you're more than welcome to! I've always had a thing for making social gatherings happen here at my humble abode. Some more memorable than others. You know what they say, 'what happens at twizm's house stays at twizm's house.'

Have you guys held some epic gatherings of your own? Let me know! Or talk about whatever is on your mind! ¡Exclamations!

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