I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Hi TAY! If you could please tilt your head sideways and take a look at that majestic, snow-covered tree. Look at its branches all tangled up with majestic, snow-covered power lines.

It's kinda nice to look at it now but is this really what I want to be looking at come Saturday? No! Saturday, the Arctic Monkeys concert is being held at MSG. There are currently some talks of 3 to 30 inches of snow headed this way for the weekend. Not certain if that still stands or what the situation is going to be but for now, I would just like to point out that February is the month where plans should never be made! At least not here in NYC or areas where winter is a pesk. It can only lead to disappointment thanks to the unpredictable weather.

So, today! Let us discuss all those disappointment felt for those events you missed, or any recent or not so recent video games you had the displeasure of experiencing even though you were really looking forward to it.

If none of that is interesting, no worries! Feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves! It's the Open Forum, after all. Now I must get back to looking at the tree and the power lines. Accursed Ice Storms...

No cause for alarm! And apologies on the Late Forum. Covering for the sick AstroK (feel better, gurl!)

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