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Now that Hollywood has officially run out of ideas as announced by Stephen Spielberg in a blog post that you won't find online because I made it up, they're also running out of ideas for remakes. They've savaged your youth by making movies based off your toys. They've ruined your comics by churning out subpar comic book movie after subpar comic movie and then remaking said comic book movies. They've gone for the jugular and re released Total Recall and the upcoming Robocop.


But there's one area that is still untapped. Children's television shows from the 90s.

How long before Darkwing Duck: The movie in 3D! shows up? Gummy Bears? Tailspin? Remade CGI Carebears replete with lessons and hokey dialogue in a full length feature film?

Well it can't all be bad. Do any of those sound good to you? Would you like to get your hands on some sweet He Man live action goodness? Which of your childhood TV shows is sacred and which would you like to see remade?

Talk about this or anything else at the sound of the buzzer!

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