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Guys. I am so tired of being in school. I'm really burned out. The topic today is...how many fucks do you give ranging from 0 to .000000001?

But really. Um. Open forum video game quote mad libs!

  • This (singular noun) are (adjective).
  • The flow of (noun) is always (adjective)...its (noun) seems different for each (noun), but no one can (verb) it... A thing that does not change with (noun) is a memory of (adjective) days.
  • (Noun) is not a (noun) unbenownst to its (noun). One is always aware that it (noun)s in (place/state of being). Though (noun) is merely a journey to the grave, it must not be undertaken without (noun).
  • Do you wanna know why I wear (noun) in (adjective) grass? Because they're (adjective) and easy to (verb)!

Do these, or talk about anything else below!