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Happy Saturday, everyone! I know some of you are just now finishing Spring Break, others of you are just beginning it, and even more of you are jealous that I'm talking about such a thing. Either way, I hope that you all did well on your first week back to Daylight Savings Time, and enjoy the beginnings of the Spring!

Anyways, I just managed to nab the shift from TUT as an early birthday present to him (his birthday is Sunday, March birthdays ahoy~), so you all get a random change with me!


I'll probably be brutally murdered for revealing this, but I got TUT this cupcake plush for no reason for a present. It's pretty adorable.

Speaking of random changes, I was talking to some old family friends who came up to visit today—they probably hadn't seen me since I was fairly little. I'm guessing I last saw them six or eight years ago. Last time I saw them, I still had stupidly long hair, so needless to say they mentioned that almost right off the bat. Honestly, I was showered with all of those comments that you usually give to people who have reached adulthood in your absence: "You've changed so much," or, "I barely recognized you."

Hearing all of that really made me reflect on how far I've gone since I met them—not necessarily with success but just with life, in general. It's almost eerie to think back on how I was during my middle and high school years and how I am now in college. Especially once I changed my major over to English; I definitely never saw that one coming growing up.


So what about you, TAY? What are some changes that stand out to you the most as you reflect on your development as a person so far? Did you undergo a major personality change? Were you like me with inconveniently long hair? Did you get a tattoo? Talk about it below!

Do you never change? Did you discover the fountain of youth? Feel free to tell us where! Or, if you'd prefer, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Saturday Open Forum is now open!

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