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This is Morie, writing from the past again, in the event I can't be around this morning. Today is when school starts back for me, but I've been sick for days so I'm not sure I'll make it out of bed for the first two. Perfect attendance in Japanese so far this semester, I hardly knew ye.

Dyram and I finished the second season of Spice and Wolf on Saturday. All in all I loved the show, and as he puts it, "it's the best show about business you didn't know you wanted to watch." And any show that references Jan Van Eyck is pretty great. I plan to write more about it's cultural references and world building later. It's too bad it's over, and I almost wish there was a third season.

So, what do you wish had continued beyond its run? Stuff that you really think could have benefited from another season. There are some shows I love, but know that they ended in the right place.

Talk about this and anything else below! If you weren't around over the weekend might I suggest making sure you don't miss important Ani-TAY news and a PSA from our hallowed figurehead leader.