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I was going to write about how my mother-in-law is coming to spend the weekend, and how I really have to clean the house when she's here, because she is allergic to animal hair, and I have a ferret and two gerbils, and then ask if you do anything special when people visit you, but that was kinda lame and I discovered this last night...


It's a live-action movie and they are looking for the fans help, from using our ideas to possibly casting fans in parts! If only I was 10 years younger or had my cosplay completed.


I've also been playing a lot of Ni No Kuni. It's so beautiful. My daughter has actually asked to start playing, since she is such a Ghibli fan.


So...let's see...do you do anything in particular when people visit you? Or how do you feel about Jem The Movie? Or favorite beautiful game? Or favorite Ghibli movie?

And if you don't want to talk about any of this, feel free to talk about anything!


And Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have great weekends!