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Hello TAYs! Nach here filling up for Twizm... something something Kinja sucks... (probably) hope you're all having a great day ^^; I had planned to go out on my bike today, but I stood up late playing with TUT last night... so yeah... now you have me as host of The Open Forum! Wahay!...


Topic... we need one right?


Just look at that fish... doesn't it resembles a certain infamous character from Austria? it reminded me of the times when I as in Middle School I would usually stay "late" to catch the Late night talk shows, there was this stupid skit where they would show pictures of celebrities and compare them to animals, So... I was thinking TAY, have you ever thought of doing the same for Video Game characters? If not... then let's pretend we are talk show writers and we need to fill up five minutes of air with stupid skits like the one mentioned above!

Show me what you've got TAY!.... or just Talk Among Yourselves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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