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Ohayo! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I laid low and ate ramen and lounged around with Dyram, who is visiting. Alas that nice little dream is over and I have to go back to school and turn things in and start planning my senior thesis. You know, it really sucks that they slap a project on you to graduate with honors at the time when almost everyone will be suffering from burnout. I have yet to meet someone who is actually looking forward to their thesis.

Anyway you don't care about my dumb life. Dyram and I started watching Eureka 7 (second time for him), or should I say EuREIka 7. I've noticed that anytime I see Johnny Yong Bosch in anything...one random episode of Samurai Champloo, Durarara, etc. I just think of him as Adachi. He has a very distinct voice...kind of scratchy at times.

Is there a voice actor who you always think of as one particular character? Do you want to do my thesis for me? Talk about this or anything else below!

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