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Did you all read that thing GiantBoyDetective put out the other day? It was an interesting little piece about why that new Nintendo game, Rusty's Real Deal Baseball, did in-game purchases in a decent way. Go read it now if you haven't.

I'll be the first to admit I was going to brush this game off when I saw that it handled the in-app purchases like that. "Why not just let me buy all of them upfront?" I asked, or, "Why should I have to haggle? Just give me the lowest price already." The way GBD described it, however, made me see the game in an entirely new light. I picked it up, tried it for a few hours, and ended up spending more money than I intended to on it. Best of all: I was happy to do so.

This actually happened with Diablo III, as well. I've shared this story in IRC, but someone I was dating just... really wanted me to pick up Diablo, but I was against it because of the Real Money Auction House. After dealing with some begging and assurances that it would be fantastic, I ended up picking it up. Granted, it took them over a year to fix that notorious "Fun Bug" that was causing the "Fun" item to not drop properly for players, but now that 2.0 is out, I'm having a really good time with it.


If you haven't guessed it yet, my fellow TAY'ers, the question is this: What are some games that you picked up on a friend's recommendation and ended up loving? Alternatively, what are some games that you recommended but nobody else seems to like?